Current exhibition: The Wanderer at Galleri Plan B, Sweden



Taking William Wordsworth’s poem ‘The Excursion’ as a point of departure, British artists Peter Harrap and Natasha Kissell go on a journey through their paintings and taking us through strange uncanny worlds they present a poetic reality. We can be simultaneously in disparate locations, time and space come together in an oddness that signals its impossibility.

For the urban dweller, walking might be more about the act of consuming, Walter Benjamin’s flaneur drinking in the heady sights of the city, reflections everywhere staring back in a glossy illusion of perfection. As an act of protest, the wanderer chooses not to consume but to walk and exist in a world where through wonderment everything is experience in your mind all at once and every series of events can be happening all at the same time. Human interventions in the urban landscape as well as the natural one like houses, arborglyphs, caravans, park benches generate small equivalents and points of connection. The falling down cliff face, the arborglyph, the modernist dwelling or ruin all become a kind of subject-object poem, where the hypen and lexicon denotes a “being in the world” or an infinite field of play and interpretation.

PH Natural Activism save me work in progress IMG_8289

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