Current Exhibition: The Wanderer

Gallery Plan B, Växjö, Sweden opening September 28th 2017.

Wood Wounds, Body in the Trunk, large
Body in the Trunk, Oil on canvas, 122cm x 92cm, 2017

Harrap responds by perpetrating an act of violence on a tree trunk and a human trunk – one in the form of arborglyphs, the other a human trunk or torso which belongs to a young woman who experienced a terrible car crash and was left with scars on her body which tell the story. “I’ve taken Constable’s idea of making ‘something out of nothing’, and tried to find equivalents in my own work. Just before Constable came to Brighton, he studied a picture by Claude of an old oak tree. It’s most likely that he made his famous ‘Study of the Trunk of an Elm Tree’ at some point over the summer of 1824, on his walks near Preston Place. Lucian Freud loved this picture, and in turn made it the subject of a painting and etching for his exhibition on Constable in Paris in 2002. I have further interpreted Lucian Freud’s etching and painting.”

Wood Wounds, Story Telling Trees
Story Telling Trees, Oil on Canvas, 147cm x 198cm, 2016
Wood Wounds, Disenchanted enchantment
Enchanted Disenchantment, Oil on canvas, 71cm x 81cm, 2016
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