It Fluttered and Failed for Breath
When I Have Fears that I May Cease to Be

PLAY curated by Julia Alvarez of BEARSPACE.
PLAY-Contemporary art exhihibition
October 2007

PLAY brought together 14 contemporary artists in an exhibition that explores the spontaneity, anarchic
tendency, materials & subtext to the playful in recent contemporary art.
ADDRESS: BEARSPACE @The Cello Factory, 33 – 34 Cornwall Road,
Phone: 020 70340699
Artists Represented
Toshie Takeuchi // Laura White // Jake & Dinos Chapman //
Doug Fishbone // Neil Zakiewicz // Natasha Kissell & Mark Dziewulski//
Bob & Roberta Smith // Peter Harrap // Matt Franks //
Paul Caton // Jock Mooney // Sarah Baker //
Jonathan Callan // Max Hymes//Anya Gallacio
‘PLAY’ will feature music by Artjunky, projections by Yves Netzhammer fresh from Documenta, Kasell, and AES from the Swiss Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, and Ice lollies of Marc Quinns head by The Little Artists

Peter Harrap’s Works for PLAY
On the surface these new Paintings are about teenage issues- crime, self harm, adolescent subjects. But actually these paintings are about Nausea. Not making a judgement, narrative or commentary the paintings internalise these conflicting ideas to convey a sense of passionate boredom.

As Sartre reaching a soul-jolting conclusion, ” There is no purpose to existance, only nothingness.” So appalling is this prospect that the web and woof of his being and the remorseless agony of making choices in a futile world fill him with nausea- that blights the daily round and leads to a bloodbath of angst and self hatred, the pointless nihilism and of contemporary life.

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